Generator - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a generator?
In making an informed decision on the installation of an automatic backup generator, one should ask themselves:

    • How often do I lose power? How long is the power out when it is lost?
    • How important is it to have uninterrupted power (less than 10 second switchover) when commercial power is lost?

Standby vs. Portable?

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Why choose Kohler?

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What size generator should I have installed?
This question is best answered by deciding how many of your home’s devices should be placed on the generator. The Kohler generator web page provides a very helpful calculator to assist in making this decision. It is:

What is the best placement option for the generator?
The generator may be placed outside your home on any side as long as its placement adheres to the following guidelines in addition to any county laws applicable to your county of residence:

    • Must be 5-feet from any window or any combustible material (siding, wood, etc.)
    • Must be 3-feet from any non-combustible material (block, brick, etc.) with no window in it
    • Must be 10-feet from any fuel source (propane tank, gas meter, etc.)
    • Must be 10-feet from any vegetation 
    • No placement is allowed in a garage or basement
    • No placement is allowed under a porch or deck

What type of fuel is needed for my generator?
Propane or natural gas

What are the guidelines for the installation of a 500 or 1000 gallon underground propane tank?
All counties require adherence to the following guidelines:

    • Must be 10-feet from any ignition source (AC units, generators, direct vents providing fresh air to interior of home), any structure, all property lines, and any traffic area.
    • Must be 30-feet from well head (100-feet from well head in Howard County) and septic area
    • Tanks must be placed no more than 125-feet from a fill access area (a paved, concrete, or stoned area where the delivery truck can park while filling tank)

If I have natural gas, are there any provisions necessary to fuel my generator?
If your home is fueled by natural gas, the provider must be contacted to insure proper flow and pressure as well as an appropriate gas meter has been or can be installed

Will Remark Electric, Inc. visit and provide a free estimate on the installation of a backup generator system?
Yes, a master electrician/certified Kohler generator installer will visit, inspect, and provide feedback on the generator installation. A free estimate will be provided by way of a proposal following the visit.



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